16th Sunday of the year, C

Serving or busy to serve?

Luke 10:38-42

Abraham and Martha both served the Lord.  But where did Abraham succeed and where did Martha fail to serve?

Abraham desired to please the Masters, the three angels visiting him.

Martha was preoccupied by the work.

Desiring to please the Master is one thing; being preoccupied is another.

Do we still desire to please the Master?  The curse of secularism is that it has not time to serve the Master.  Instead of secularism, let us opt for secularity by recognizing that good the world can give and its capacity to serve God.

Secondly, who is serving whom?  Is Martha really serving Jesus or is she ordering Jesus for her sister to serve her?  Let us break down the shackles of idolatry by referring everything to God who is our Lord and Master.

Third, what results from all our services? If our services alienate us from God, then we are just too busy serving ourselves.  But if our service leads us to adore his divine majesty and leads other to him, then our lives become acts of sharing and generosity which greatly pleases the Lord.

Serving or busy to serve?  Whatever Jesus chose, and he chose to serve unconditionally, be our choice as well.