19th Sunday of the year, C

The solemn Oath

Luke 12:32-48

The closest reality of an oath between us and God is the covenant between man and woman. But in these times, the marriage covenant is definitely corrupted because of the phenomena of live-in relationships and wedding bonds via civil marriages.

A Catholic marriage holds that marriage bond, properly contracted, is indissoluble.  It represents God's eternal covenant with his people.  An oath is an oath because the give of the oath is trustworthy; the promise of the oath is worthy; and the covenant is sealed in a bond of lasting relationship between two parties.

All these God can do for us. But how about our share in this oath?

As two parties bond, so too we are transformed according to the image and likeness of God.

Thus, reflect on the gospel for today as a consequence of committing oneself to the covenant: the capacity to sell everything (be totally disinterested in the self to being selfless and generous), servanthood (realizing that we are servants of the Lord), and stewards of His creation.

Live out all of these and we shall keep our share of the solemn oath.