22nd Sunday of the year, C

The proud vs. the lowly

Luke 14:1,7-14

The language of the world is that of power, wealth, and pride.  But the language of the Lord is that of humility.  Why is it so?

First, those who are humble acknowledge God as lording over them; the proud will always strive to be above anybody else, including God whom they do not recognize.

Second, those who are humble acknowledge that this world is not theirs; rather, it is only entrusted to them from above from them to take care of so that the gifts given them would multiply. The proud on the other hand, will want to claim everything for themselves, their wants and desires are insatiable.

Third, those who are humble will always place themselves at the service of others.  The proud will have no time for others; they will even let others die and still do not care.

The humble will receive the crown of everlasting life while the proud will be wailing and grinding their teeth; they shall never be happy neither in this life nor the next.