23rd Sunday of the year, C


 Luke 14:25-33

What is wisdom?

perhaps, the second reading can give us a hint on what wisdom means.

Paul intercedes for Philemon on behalf of Onesimus, Philemon's servant.  For reasons we do not know, Onesimus left him because of something that displeased his master.  But Paul reminds Philemon to forgive Onesimus because of the following reasons: Philemon owes Paul his salvation; he owes God his very self; second, Paul reminds Philemon of the new relationship: not of an owner to a slave, but that of a friend; and third, Paul asks him to forgive as Jesus did for all of us.  All these constitutes wisdom.

Wisdom is to recognize who we are before God, we owe God everything.  Humility is the beginning of wisdom.  Secondly, wisdom enables us to value others; communion is the word, not biased or lording it over others.  Third, wisdom points to our mission on earth - cause this world to be more human through the forgiveness of sins.

Wisdom is planning the world's salvation in Jesus Christ.  Anything apart from this is foolishness.