25th Sunday in Ordinary time, C


The Book of Amos is a prophetic book. Death and punishment come naturally to people who inflict pain and injustice on another.

The worse effect of injustice is one of social consequence.  The pork barrel scam has inflicted a wound on every Filipino, making him accept things just as they are.  How can we correct this malady?

The gospel speaks about being trustworthy in little things. Perhaps we can start with that. "If we can't be trusted with little things, how can we be trusted with greater ones?" says the gospel for today

Let us focus on every little gift.  If we can be trusted with this, then we can also be trusted with the greater ones.

Let us think of our children?  How can we show them trustworthiness than by leading them with example.

the Lord has given us:

1. the family
2. the church
3. and the world

Let us make these pictures of heaven by the little things we can do for them.