26th Sunday, year C

Luke 16:19-31

What is the real issue of the Lord Jesus against the rich or the moneyed?

Perhaps the story of the rich man and Lazarus will give a hint as regards the anger of God.

You see, the story of Lazarus is more significant here than the rich man.  And it all depends on that small things that fall from the master's table.  We call it "the crumbs".

The crumbs are longed by Lazarus.  He shall be given real food and plenty in heaven.

The same crumbs are denied by the rich man.  That is what made him poor in God's eyes.  He had crumbs but he dared not give Lazarus.  He shall be hungry in the next life.

Hunger for crumbs like Lazarus.  What crumbs can we hunger for?

First, the crumbs represent Jesus.  Starting from the Holy Eucharist, we can immediately detect Jesus as the Lord of heaven and earth.

Second, the crumbs represent our faith.  Learn the words, "Faith can move mountains."

Third, the crumbs are pictures of heaven; it is not just a scenario in the afterlife.  Think of heaven in today's world as we struggle to bring about real change from people's lives starting with their hearts.

The ones we reject may be the ones the could give us life.  But if we even do not share them to others, we risk not sharing Jesus, faith, and heaven itself.