30th Sunday, C

God's love and ours

Luke 18:9-14

It is undeniable that the Lord is the lover of the poor and comes to the rescue of the oppressed.

But it is also quite remarkable that he expects from his creatures the same way he treats them.  He leads with justice, he also expects us to treat others with justice.

The best picture of this intimate relationship between God and man is Jesus Christ who gave us a command: "Love one another as I have loved you."

How does he love?  He loves in an everlasting way.  Reflect on all the good things in and around ourselves.  Then we will know much God loves us - absolutely!

How then should we love Him and others?  The same He loves us!  I would like to expound on this love in 2 levels - on the level of justice and the other on mercy.

First, treat others with justice!  Treat the poor with justice!  It is not enough that we give a little portion of ourselves.  Imagine being in their state and start working how we can help them.  That is justice.

Second, treat others with the mercy of Christ!  If need be, let us offer our lives on the cross - all for the salvation of others.

All these cannot be possible without humility.  The proud man causes others to fall.  But the humble exults others and shall be exulted.