18 December, Day 3

God's home

Matthew 1:18-24 

After becoming familiar with the genealogy of Jesus, the work of salvation still cannot be possible unless Joseph agrees to take Mary into his home and give Jesus a name which comes from him.

Joseph is a reflection of the "God-of-integrity."  Remember the words of Jeremiah, the lost children of Israel shall not only recall their freedom from Egypt, they shall recall being gathered by God into his home.

At this point, are we really willing to allow Jesus into our home and give him a name?  We recall the many instances where families deny serving Jesus because of too much preoccupation with the world's affairs, or simply those families living together without the receiving the sacrament of marriage.

What makes home?  There are three things: the physical home, the rule of the head, and the warmth and security of home.

We begin our journey with God if we allow ourselves to be part of His kingdom and kingship. The Church is the family of God and every family is a domestic Church.

Second, we should allow God to be the head of the household.  "God-of-intergrity", we need to insure every member is living in the integrity of God.

Finally, the warmth and security of home is made possible only by the strength and grace of God that blesses the family.

Allow God to bless the family and true Christmas will come!