19 December. Day 4

Unwavering faith in God

Luke 1:5-25

The story of Christmas this day places us in the context of a humanly impossible situation - the barrenness and advanced age of Elizabeth.  But nothing is impossible with God; Elizabeth conceived.

But this story is also about the lack of faith of Zechariah.  He became mute because he was an unwilling witness of the action of the living God.

Jesus is being conceived in us.  But when was the last time we truly believed?  Or have we become mute because we have compromised our faith for trivial matters like wealth, fame, and popularity?

The issue here is our faith; even that is an important factor in the coming of Christmas.  A lively faith brings life to all; a barren faith leads us to death.

Let us take time to nourish this faith ... let us say slowly and convincingly, "I believe ... " though it may seemingly be impossible, let us still believe and solemnly confess with unwavering faith ...

"that God is God.  He exists and He wishes to make himself known to generations ... yes, there is a God...."

"And His name is 'Yahweh'" which means "I am who am", a manifestation of an eternal presence and a God who helps us always "I will be here for you and you alone."

Let us take a moment to relish these words so next time, we would know that our thoughts are God's thought; our words are God's words; and our actions are God's actions... all for the salvation of the world and for His glory.  Then we may see how life becomes fruitful for a person who believes.