21 December, Day 6

True happiness

Luke 1:39-45

The sixth day opens with Mary going in haste to assist her cousin Elizabeth who was with child.  This meeting turned out to be a joyous occasion not only for Mary and Elizabeth, but for the babies in their wombs, for the Redeemer and the redeemed.

This joy of union, also reflected in the Song of Songs, is what God wants of us in our relationship with Him.

Conceiving Jesus entails us to relish this joy that no money can buy or no earthly thing can give.  Only God can supply it for us.

Another word for that joy is "blessed."

We are definitely moving for exterior happiness to interior; and for me the, the words of the Jesus on the Sermon on the Mount gives us that light to being blessed even in the midst of sufferings and tribulations - simply because God is with us.

Learn to value the beatitudes:

1. they teach us the rightful place of this world's goods - meek and humble, being peacemakers
2. they teach us to value the things of heaven - justice and righteousness and being merciful
3. they teach us the real source of happiness is God alone - being comforted even in sorrow, purity of heart.

Grant that we may continue to choose God rather that this world's goods so that our happiness would be complete.