23 December, Day 8

"Prepare the way of the Lord!"

Luke 1:57-66

We may have two days to go in our preparations for Christmas, but let us do everything we can to nourish what was conceived in us until we can bring Jesus safely into the world.

Our preparations point out to John the Baptist, the one who will prepare the way of the Lord. 

Let us reflect on the very office of John, to be a messenger or a precursor.

Who exactly is John and what is his mission?  John the Baptist may not have known Jesus, but even in the womb, he already leaped for joy.  Still even before he was conceived he would prepare the way of the Lord.

His office as a messenger means to make smooth the path because the One passing by is higher than we can all imagine.  What are we actually thinking when we were raising children?  What are we actually doing when we decided to become priests or religious?  What are we thinking when we chose what course to take?  Just to survive on our own or to prepare this world for others?  The world may be in so much mess, but let us not lose hope.  Remain faithful to the Lord.

John preached a gospel of forgiveness.  But it is not mere outward forgiveness.  He reprimanded the pharisees for taking a short cut to forgiveness.  Let our forgiveness be authentic.  For the One coming into the world knows and will expose the hearts of many.

John baptized with water;  but we shall all be initiated in Jesus who will purify us and make our offerings definitely pleasing to the Lord and become true worshipers of the Lord.

Do we know who we are and what we are to do this Christmas?