24 December

God and us

Luke 1:67-79

As we come closest to the birthday of the Lord, events are challenging to be more than who we think we are and establish our close link with the Lord.

The reading is a continuation of yesterday's gospel.  But it establishes one thing - it revealed the power and the fulfillment of the promise of God.

In the Book of Samuel, it is God who favored David and made him king.  God's triumphant kingship is manifested in him.  God also renewed his promise that through his son, his kingdom will last forever.

In the gospel, the Benedictus revealed God fulfilling his promise that the Messiah would be born and his son John would prepare the way for him.

John's vocation "to prepare the way of the Lord" is God's will - that the messenger would preach the gospel of forgiveness.  He would do this until the great meeting between him and Jesus in the baptism at the river Jordan.

Who are we?  What is our role in this world?  If we know the height and depth of the grandeur of God, then we should also change our priorities and start serving him.  In this way, we share in John's vocation "to prepare the way of the Lord."  Let us prepare the way of the Lord to our children, so that they would prepare the way of the Lord to their children s children by preaching and living out the message of forgiveness.  Then will the Lord be upon us to bless us always!