2nd Sunday of Advent, A


Matthew 3:1-12

The second week of Advent challenges us to be men and women of integrity like St. John the Baptist.

As the dictionary defines it, a man or woman of integrity is one who is honest and fair. St. John was point blank honest, a sure sign that he was faithful to the teachings of God.

Integrity is also defined as "a state of wholeness."  God, being whole and entire, wants us to be complete, whole, and not unbalanced.  St. John did not compromise his completeness unlike the pharisees who compromised their faith.

Most of all, men and women of integrity focus their entire lives on following Jesus and showing others the path to Jesus.  John sacrificed everything to lead people to Jesus.  The parents' legacy is non other than this - to bring their children closer to Jesus each day.

Follow the same path is receive the Lord completely this Christmas!