Christmas day

New world in Christ

John 1:1-18

It's a beautiful Christmas day and the message of the Lord is still unfolding.

The Messiah, the King, is now with us as he was before. He is at present consoling His people.  

I remember a film about Jesus when he was 12 years old and the Romans were persecuting the Jews, he witnessed a man crying out, "When o Lord will you come to save us?"  The man didn't know the Messiah was already in their midst.

Remember John the Baptist and his calling to prepare the way of the Lord.  It is not because he wants to be the messenger, but God has John at the palm of His hand to prepare for His coming, to make the way spotless and worthy for the King to enter.  John's vocation may also be our vocation to prepare the way of the Lord for others.

Know the entire salvation history of God fulfilling a promise that would end sin and usher in a new world.  Just as John had a great part in it, we too can join the bandwagon of God's plan of salvation by preparing the way for Jesus in our lives.  And to us who will accept him, we are privileged to called his children and family.

Through our daily experiences we are witnesses of God's saving love.  To us who are witnesses of the blessings of the Lord each day, we are alive in Christ!

Let us continue taking up this task to live in the new world God has for us where real life is celebrated and Jesus is at the center of our lives!