Simbang gabi, day 1

Choose God

Matthew 21:23-27

The first day of Simbang Gabi brings to a fruitful closure the long-term preparations for Advent and opens us to a more immediate encounter with the birthday celebrant, Jesus Christ.

The Old Testament describes the Messiah as "the star of Jacob ... a scepter arises from Israel." (Numbers 24, 17).

In the New Testament, the Jews question Jesus' authority, "By whose power do you do these things?" 

By this time we should really be considering God's authority to rule over us.  In a time when we claim we are free to do everything we want, even not to follow God, could we start using our freedom once and for all and choose God?

Jesus' authority frees us from all evils, even the evils in ourselves.

Jesus' authority is just, caring and compassionate, most specially to the poor and lowly.  If we follow God, myriads of the poor will be helped.

Jesus' authority leads us to true happiness.  If we just remain in our own concept of happiness, would the world experience true heaven on earth?

Choose God in Jesus to rule over us; let's not choose ourselves over God.


  1. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Dear po.. would it be possible to take a video of your Christmas mass and have it posted over the internet? :) please. thank you.


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