Simbang gabi, day 2

Jesus and God's fatherhood

Matthew 1:1-17

We begin the more immediate preparation for Christmas with the genealogy of Jesus.

Jesus' ancestry is a generation of fathers starting with the patriarch Abraham whom God has called to follow him.  Jesus is the sum total of all fathers; all father should have their roots in God the father himself.

Christmas is to root ourselves in the fatherhood of God, to consecrate our own fathers, and to be present day fathers to our children.

Every name mentioned in the gospel reflects the fatherhood of God.  And what does He exact from his children? Obedience.  Once we become disobedient, the line of fatherhood is cut off.

God's fatherhood is reflected in the line of Kings.  Every father's credibility is rooted in God; he leads with justice and mercy.  Every father is also a prophet, a living witness of God's fatherhood.  And every father reflects the priesthood of God to lead his children back to Him.

We are aware of the woundedness of fathers today.  As every father is distanced from his children because his main concern is the financial future of his family, let him be reminded that his primary role is the role of a just a merciful king, providing everything, and not not financial strength to his children.

As every father is endangered by vices and a lack of spirituality, let him be reminded that he is to be the spiritual strength of his family by being a worthy priest of God.

As every father is in danger of immorality is lack of integrity, he is to be a role model of integrity to his children, providing them with a legacy that no money can buy by being a prophet of God.

Jesus is the sum total of all these.  Cling on to Jesus and we shall become good fathers.