3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, A

Follow Jesus

Matthew 4:12-23

The readings are filled with positive things that just as concrete as our lives: light, the kingdom of God is coming, and proclaim the Good News.

All these things are happening, but why are they not happening?  It's because we have not done what the apostles had done when they were invited by Jesus, "Follow me."  They immediately left their families behind.

We cannot experience the light, the forgiveness of sins, the curing of diseases, and the proclamation of the Gospel unless we follow Jesus.  Why are we not following Jesus?

We need faith to follow Jesus.  We need to know our faith; we need to entrust our whole beings to Jesus.

We need hope to follow Jesus.  We need to rely on Jesus that things would be better only in knowing, loving, and serving Him.

Finally, we need love to follow Jesus.  Love entails self-giving as Jesus did.  Only a person filled with authentic love for Jesus will follow him.  Only the person who has authentic love will bring light, Good News, and healing to the world.