6th Sunday in Ordinary Time, A

Follow the law

Matthew 5:17-37

What law have we followed lately?  The rules of the road?  Paying taxes?  Just wages?

What does the law do?  It gives order to many.  If all follow the law, there will be order.

What is God's law?  God's law is a covenant in the Old Testament that gives life and order to the entire community called the God's people.

God's law is in Jesus in the New Testament, called the law of love "Love one another as I have loved you."  If we follow this law, surely love will flow everywhere.

Jesus gave us a mission, a command, "Proclaim the Good News to all; make disciples of all nations."  If we follow Jesus' command, many will follow him and the whole world will be saved.  That's how important following God's law is; many will be saved.