1st Sunday of Lent, A


Matthew 4:1-11

Why are we tempted?

Jesus was also tempted. It is not the temptation that causes sin; it is what we do after the temptation.

Temptation is the desire to do something bad or unwise.

Much of it has something to do with what makes us human: desire.  The desire that could be used entirely to serve God now is used for things other than love of God.

For the first week of Lent, we need to reflect what keeps us away from God and come back to him.

First, the temptation to turn the stone to bread is the temptation to survive on material things and not on the love of God.  Jesus' answer: poverty of spirit.

Second, the temptation to power.  Jesus' answer: humiliation for the sake of the kingdom of heaven.

Third, the temptation to pride.  Jesus' answer: humility and total trust in God.

Temptations will still come.  But blessed is he who proclaims his poverty, embraces humiliation, and exults God above all things.  He is ready to experience the love of God.