8th Sunday in Ordinary Time, A

Don't worry; follow God

Matthew 6:24-34

Before we enter into the Lenten season, let us remember that we are going there simply because God loves.  He wants to straighten up things.

He wants us to cooperate.  He wants us not to worry about things.  Things will take care of themselves.  He wants us not be too preoccupied with money.

Remember these two people:  who will prosper, the one who is preoccupied with his life or one who is preoccupied with serving and pleasing God?  The latter will end up more responsible because he loves the Lord and is a faithful steward while the other is greedy and selfish.

God wants us to reflect us the same love he has for us, that is why Isaiah mentions the love of a mother to her baby.

So, as we enter the Lenten season, let us remember these three things:

1.  We will be immersing ourselves in God's love.
2.  We will imitate God's love by offering our lives to him.
3.  We shall see the Lord in our daily struggles to offer our lives to him by serving others unreservedly.