Easter vigil, A

To be resurrected with Jesus

Matthew 28:1-10

Today, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  Hallelujah!

The resurrection of Jesus is prefigured in the readings of the Old Testament.  Also, in reflecting on all the readings in the Easter vigil, let us know that from Jesus' resurrection we are invited to resurrect as well.

The first reading gives us an intimate picture of life - God created us in love.  The resurrection of Jesus invites us to see a new vision of life - God in us.  In Him, there is no death.  Search for all signs of life and root them in God.

The second reading is a call to loving obedience.  Jesus' total oblation to His Father is the very heart of the resurrection.  In turn, the Father provided for His Son by resurrecting Him from the dead.

Let us enter into this new life with God who provides constantly for all our needs, including life from death.  Know full well to make our every actions have the mark of the resurrection of Jesus - totally obedient to the Father.

The third reading is an invitation to move from one state to the other - from slavery to freedom.  But it can also be from darkness to light, from death to life, from earth to heaven.  I call this movement a life of total service.  Jesus continues to serve the Father by resurrecting from the dead.  May our every motive from now on be to lead people from death to life, from selfishness to self-giving, and from sin to grace.  Resurrect everyone from sin to grace!

The result from all these is heaven and holiness, and of our renewed, loving relationship with God in Jesus Christ.  Live in love and holiness!  Let heaven be here on earth because everything is being resurrected by Jesus, including our lives.  The passion, death, and resurrection are the marks of a true Catholic and Christian!