4th Sunday of Easter, A

Life to the full

John 10:1-10

What does it mean "to have life to the full?"

First, a life lived in unity with God is lived in the fullest sense because God is the author of life vs. money as the source of happiness.  When we choose our state of life, let us choose what God wants.

Second, a life that follows Jesus is lived in the fullest because Jesus is the way to the fullest life vs. other personalities as our "idols".  Jesus provides the way of life, and outlook on life.

Third, a life lived in true love is lived to the fullest because God who is Love partakes his love to us.  I am not referring to the kind of life of lovers that eventually distances itself away from the source of love, God himself.  How could such love ever survive?

Also, love opens us to the world of the community.  It's impossible to want to enter into heaven if here on earth we do not want to collaborate with our communities and build living communities of faith where love is truly lived.