6th Sunday of Easter, A

See Love, see God
John 14:15-21

Are we ready now to receive the Holy Spirit?

Are we ready to move on from resurrection to ascension of Jesus? Are we ready to move and walk by faith?  Are we ready to do Jesus' work on earth?

What does it mean to receive the Holy Spirit?

First, in order to receive the Holy Spirit, we need to fulfill the basic demands of faith - know God's commands as a sign that we really love Him.  There is no compromise to sin.  If we love God, we will follow Him.

Second, we receive the Holy Spirit if we we pursue the truth that comes from Him.  At this point, the Holy Spirit starts guiding us through the life that is within us.  He draws us to the know the Father through Jesus.

Third, if we see the Spirit, then the Holy Spirit is in us!  Though this may seem ironic because we cannot see the Spirit, yet, we indeed can see Him through the concrete manifestations of love.  Even love can be embodied.  We are the living manifestations of the Spirit.

It is the Holy Spirit that moves our very being.  In the love that we are, grant that we may see God as well!  It is God all in all!