Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles

Marks of a True Church

Matthew 16:13-19

The common element between St. Peter and St. Paul is Rome, but more than the place is the Holy See, the Church that Jesus commanded "To proclaim the Gospel to all peoples... "  How beautiful it would be if we imagine our monument standing side by side with St. Peter and St. Paul's monuments in St. Peter's Basilica because we have taken part in this great mission. 

We need to be foundation of faith for the next generation.  The strength of being Church depends on our adherence to it. 

Let us heed to the marks of a true Church.  The first mark is being One - with God and with one another.  Through Baptism, God initiates us into His world so we can be one with Him and with one another, just like the picture of communion in heaven.

The second mark is holiness.  The sinful Church is made holy by the body and blood of Christ.  There is no other institution that enables its members to be holy except in the Catholic Church that Jesus bestows graces through the reception of the sacraments.

The third mark of a Church is Universal.  God is god of all peoples and of all generations.  The Church strives to reach out to all people regardless of affiliations until we realize that all is one with Him.

Fourth, the mark of a true Church is apostolic, where every member knows his / her mission - to proclaim the Good News and make disciples of all nations.

If we live in communion, participation and mission of the Church, we fulfill our vocation to be the people called by God, the body of Christ, and the temples of the Holy Spirit.