14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Qualities of a child

Matthew 11:25-30

This is to quietly ponder all the things that happened to us since Ash Wednesday.  As the fullness of God's revelation was laid down before us, we realize that we are the People called by God, the Body of Christ, and the Temples of the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit of the Lord is now passing to us.  We are His "Alter-Christus" out to save others.

As we enter into the mystery of the ordinary season, we realize every day is not ordinary.  It is in fact a gift, God's gift to us.  Only a child can realize that every day and every moment are gifts to be lived fully.

Only through the eyes of a child can we truly appreciate what a day is.

A person who has ceased becoming a child is a dead person; there is nothing new in life.

You can create any quality of a child.  But I want us to be child-like.  A child possess the following qualities:

C- compassion; a child never ceases to love.

H- healthy outlook; he looks for the healthiest opportunities of life filled with happiness;

I - intellect; not ignorance; he is always there to look for meaning;

L - life; life for life's sake; every moment is an opportunity to live;

D - docility; especially docility to grace, he finds God in the world.