15th Sunday in Ordinary time, A

Meaningful life

Taking off from last week's Gospel, as we possess the heart of a child, we become more sensitive to God's presence in the world.  We also become more sensitive to love and commitment.  What if we have lost that sensitivity?

There are only two scenarios in life: a world with God and a world without God.

A world with God is orderly; a world without God is chaotic.  Imagine people who think only of themselves.  Will they find fulfillment in life?   The issue haunting DAP and Pork barrel are just symptoms of what lies in the very hearts of men and women if indeed, people's contributions are used for the benefit of all or a chosen few.

Second, a world with God reaches out people; a world without God reaches only themselves and their immediate families.

Third, a world with God reaches heaven; those who don't end right here in this world.

Most significant of all, God's world can easily be reached from within, whereas for those who lively worldly lives, no matter how hard they try to buy things, money cannot buy the happiness in the heart that only God can supply.

A world with God constitutes a meaningful life.