17th Sunday in Ordinary Time, A


Matthew 13:44-46

Let us imitate Solomon in choosing wisdom.  He may have opted for power.  But he chose wisdom.  Wisdom is a better investment than riches or power.  We need wisdom each day so we can choose the right decisions.

Choosing the right decisions should lead us to the righteous life, the fruitful life, and the godly life.  Wisdom should enable us to see the Kingdom of God unfolding in our midst.

In order to gain wisdom we should:

1. learn from the wisdom of the ages - we don't need to relearn what was already learned by others;
2. have a common sense or the sense of the common - what is good for all is what we should consider before our personal goods.
3.  have a sense of where the road of our decisions lead us.  They should all lead us to God.