18th Sunday in Ordinary Time, A

Offer, bless, break, give

Matthew 14:13-21

All readings reflect the fullness of life even in situations of scarcity.

Only Jesus can can convert a situation of life even from a just five loaves and two fish.

I cannot figure it out how He did it, but this I can figure - I am the cause of the fallenness of people.  I am the cause why people are suffering.  I am the cause why the world is slowly dying of hunger.  I am the cause why the young people are in danger of moral decay. I am the cause of what is happening in the world.  If I can just align myself with God's world ever since I was conceived, I would be experiencing such death in the world.

How can we pave the way for such fruitfulness?

First, we need to offer back every little thing we have.  Just five loaves and two fish from a child is enough to have food for thousands of people.  How dare we give so little to God and expect a lot of things from Him.  Why?  What have we given?  If we haven't given, what have we really received?

Second, we need to bless every gift we receive and give; to sanctify, to make holy, and to use it for a holy purpose.  How many of the parents are actually praying for the sanctification of their children?  Only a person with a holy and noble intention can convert a gift into something great.

Third, we need to break our gifts free from ourselves.  Once free, the more exciting thing starts - the sharing of gifts.  It is not true that the world is dying.  If it is, it's coming from people who don't want to let go of their possessions and share them.

Fourth, we need to give our gifts.  In every gift that is given, another gift is received.  Life is experienced.  Love triumphs.

God does not wish for us to die.  He wishes that all receive the fullness of life by creating that one gift beyond compare - us.