19th Sunday in Ordinary Time, A

Faith life

Matthew 14:22-33

We don't know where it is coming from, but there are people who believe that the moment they become active in the world of faith, their world would be filled with sufferings.  Therefore, they don't get active in serving the Lord until they are truly ready to accept trials.

But isn't it more terrifying not to live in the presence of the Lord each day and each moment of our lives?

Life can truly be enjoyed if there is faith.  Faith enables us to see the glory of God each day.  Otherwise, we wallow constantly in doubt and skepticism.

There are three decisions we have to make.

First, we have to make a decision to live in faith.  Baptism initiates us into the world of faith, and so do confirmation and the Eucharist.  The faith witnessing of our parents becomes our teachers in the world of faith.  We need to make a decision to be initiated into the world of faith. 

Second, we have to make a decision to nourish our faith.  Faith is not automatic.  We need to take care of it and see it grow in our lives until we increase our sensitivity to faith.  Be open to formation programs.  

Third, we have to make a decision to make faith real each day.  We need to walk on the waters like Peter to experience Jesus.  Participate in the world of faith in the mass and outside the mass and see the change in people's lives. 

Let our lives be lives of faith.