20th Sunday in Ordinary Time, A

Are we residents or foreigners?
Matthew 15:21-28

Generally, being a foreigner is alien to a Filipino because you see Filipinos all over the globe.  Whenever you see a Filipino, you feel at home even in an alien country.

Of course, this changes when the Filipino residing in another country tends to feel that he / she is above Filipinos in stature simply because he/ she changes his nationality.  He/ she starts alienating himself / herself from the rest of the Filipinos.

The issue in today's reading is about being an alien and being at home.

A more important question is: When have we been at home with God and when have we alienated from God?

There are three important things that we need to find our true home in God.

The first is Catechesis.  A continuing education in faith will make us be oriented to God's ways.  Ignorance of the faith alienates us from Him. 

Liturgical participation, especially in the Eucharist, enables us to actively participate in the abode of the Lord.  Non-participation implies we are interested in heaven.

Thirdly, concrete acts of mercy help us to make others feel at home in us and in God.  Our strategies for self-survival alienates us from the rest of humanity.

Can we now see the point?  Sin through selfishness, greed and pride are the ultimate strategies for alienating ourselves while lives of pure grace connect us to God.

May we find our true home in God!