21st Sunday in Ordinary Time, A

Be trustworthy

Matthew 16:13-20

How could God make us his faithful stewards after all the unfaithfulness that we have done against Him? God can simply because some people can be trusted.

Such is Eliakim in the first reading.  He was given almost absolute power by God to open and close as symbolized by key of the House of David.

Peter was also entrusted with the keys of the kingdom of Heaven.  What makes Eliakim and Peter trustworthy before God?  What will make us trustworthy before Him?  Do we want to be God's trustworthy stewards?

First, we have to decide to be trustworthy stewards.  All saints in heaven were trustworthy when they were on earth.  Aim less than this and we shall finally decide our place in the afterlife, and it will not be heaven.

Second, we have learn the life of being trustworthy by replacing a sinful lifestyle with virtues.  For example, if we know for a fact that selfishness leads to death, why do we still live selfish lifestyles?  Why do we hold on to selfishness and greed?  Now, let us be convinced that humility, selflessness, and oblation are sure heavenly virtues.  Let us observe them by living them out.

Third, us monitor the rewards of trustworthiness.  Humility, selflessness, and oblation bring out the best in God.  The more we live them out, the more God will be glorified.