26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The only thing that matters is doing God's will

Matthew 21:28-32

Photo courtesy of lmu

In the gospel, we are confronted with the basic reality if our lives reflect our wills or if we reflect God's will.  We will know through these three things:

First, extend our arms sidewards.  If they don't reach outside the confines of our homes and family, and reach out to the poor and to strangers, we would not have life even in own families.

Second, extend our arms upwards.  If they don't reach out to heaven, our lives would be in vain.

Third, do a kind of a self-embrace and reach in to our hearts.  If we cannot feel the loving embrace of God then our lives would be superficial.

By now we should realize that we are the ones who are unjust and not God.  Because He has given us everything, even to give His Son so we may realize the value of life but we are not listening.  We need to shift all our attention and start doing God's will.