27th Sunday in Ordinary Time, A

Trusted stewards

Matthew 21:33-43

photo courtesy of : Holy Redeemer by the Sea Catholic Parish

How could it have happened that despite all the care of the vine grower, the vineyard still yielded sour grapes?

But no matter what the causes are, we cannot prevent the vine grower what he is supposed to do: destroy the whole vineyard.

The vineyard is supposed to be the world and the vine grower is the Creator.  The plan is to create man in His image and likeness and entrust the created world to him so it could yield a fruitful harvest.  But do we reflect God's image and likeness?

In the gospel, the tenants seized all messengers and hurt them; they even killed the son.  The solution is simple: put an end to all their evil deeds and entrust the vineyard to those who can be trusted.

Pray to be a trusted steward of the Lord.  How?

First, know our mission: to be stewards of God and not to own this world to ourselves.

Second, think of the common good; think of the next generation.  May all we do be motivated by a desire to work for the good of all.

Third, think of our participation in the Church as a community of trusted stewards.  Put more flesh into being Catholics, not simply asking for blessings to but share our lives for others.

In these ways we can be trusted stewards.