30th Sunday in Ordinary Time, A


Matthew 22:34-40

Love God above all things and love your neighbor as you love yourself ...

Love is the primary consideration.  We know that love needs hands and feet.  It is not just something romantic or sexual.

And the primary consideration is this: a man who doesn't love God above all things will not be able to love a woman enough.

The love of God is the very reason for our existence.  His love through Jesus is the very cause of our salvation.  We need to reflect if the quality of our love for God reciprocates the love He has for us.

And how should we love God?  The whole of our being.  Remember the prayer of St. Ignatius, "Take, Lord, receive my liberty, my mind, my understanding, my will.  That that I have and who I am are yours.  Do with them as you will.  Only Your love and mercy are enough for me.

Give to God until there is nothing else to give ... except oneself.