Day 3, Simbang Gabi 2014

A life of integrity

Matthew 1:18-24

Could a life of integrity still be possible?

The dictionary defines integrity according to two connotations: honesty and wholeness.

When we say a person is honest, he hasn't compromised his values.  When a person is in a state of wholeness, he is not fragmented - he is wholistically sound in mind, body, and spirit.

Such is the disposition of Joseph when, despite of Mary's scandal in the eyes of the world, he decides to take her in.  Consequently, he lets Jesus inside his home and his lineage.

How do we live a life of integrity?  First, let us confront our fundamental option.  What are we in this world for, really?  We have to make it clear that we are for God, no more, no less.

Second, life of integrity entails getting to the source of things - God himself.  How much do we know about God?

Third, a life of integrity, which should be habit forming, should be reflected in one's decision and way of life.  To put it simply, it is a life lived in God, with God, through God, and for God.

How many times have we made wrong decisions not to beget Jesus in the world.  Start living a life of integrity.