Simbang gabi day 2, Dec. 17

Wholeness and Holiness

Matthew 1:1-17

As we contemplate on the lineage of Judah, a feeling of awe and wonder are produced as the end product of the generations lead to Jesus.  The family must have been so blessed!

As we think of our journey to celebrate Christmas, let us also think that the Lord Jesus would come from our own lineage, that we shall be begetting him in our own homes, and that he is a member of our family.  Are we ready to allow the lineage of Jesus to touch our household?

I would like to reflect on the state of wholeness of our family and its congruent reality "holiness".  To be whole means to be well, to be integrated, in a state of being complete. To be holy on the other hand, means to be sanctified, which means both consecrated and blessed by God.

If our families have not been like that we ask for forgiveness.  We also ask for the healing of generations.  We want to have a fresh start.

We would like to cling on to the Holy One from now on.  We cannot continue clinging on to materialism and greed and still come out clean.  Just know where we are placing our roots.

Finally, like Pope Francis as the bridge-builder between God and man, let us dare to connect our children to our proper future - God himself.

This Christmas let us dare to do something different - be uprooted from a sinful past, cling on to Jesus, and start connect the entire future to him.  And that future starts today.