2nd Sunday of Lent, B

DIvine experience

Mark 9, 2 - 10

In today's reading, Jesus was transfigured into something divine.

Abraham also had a divine experience.

Actually we all have divine experiences each day.  Even the capacity to be able to ride a jeepney is already for me a divine experience.   The only thing is how to detect the divine experience and secondly, how to make the divine experience a  way of life.

First, we can detect a divine experience by increasing our sensitivity for God's presence each day.  Our waking up every morning is already an experience of God.

Secondly, we can make each day a divien experience if we can partake of the redemption of Jesus each day.  Never think that the day passes that we are thinkng of hurting our brothers or sisters, or even retaliating against them.  Rather, what would Jesus do for the day to save humankind?

Third,  we need to see the presence of the Lord even in the darkest experiences of our lives when we feel like giving up.  Imagine a story of a family whose husband gave up on the family simply because he lost his job.  He should have detected that the lowest time of his life could be the best opportunity to show how strong his is for his wife and children.  The cross manifests the shining presence of Jesus.

So let us be sensitive to the presence of Jesus even right this very moment.