3rd Sunday of Lent. B


John 2:13-25

Jesus did not comprise God's values when he drove the money changers out of the temple.

In the first reading, from the Book of Exodus, Moses laid out the 10 commandments of God without any revisions.

This God is not a compromising God.  Even our vision of heaven is a state of perfection, not compromising with evil by simply saying, "God will understand."

How then could we engage in the habit of being faithful to God?  First, hold on to the vision of heaven and assess how much of it we have compromised it by yielding to money, power, fame, or lust.

Second, starting falling in love with heaven.  Celebrate heaven already here on earth.  Third, sacrifice to make heaven a reality through the offering of ones life in total service to God and neighbor.

In time, we shall know if we have been faithful to the glimpse of heaven or if we have compromised it. By simply looking at our children, we shall already know if we have kept heaven in our hearts.