3rd Sunday of Easter

Forgiveness is the heart of Easter

Luke 24:35-48 

The forgiving life is not at all common to us.  The only way we can enter into forgiveness is only when we start hurting others.  Otherwise there is nothing to forgive.

But we must realize that before we can do our daily routines,God has already forgiven us through Jesus Christ.  We can only enjoy the gifts of daily life, knowing that Jesus suffered, died, and was raised to life for love of us.

Realize then that the life we are living is already the forgiven life.  Whether believers or non-believers, the world should realize it is living out the forgiveness of God.  Thus, let us not demand so much; rather, thank the Lord because despite our sinfulness, God still pours us his blessing through the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Secondly, the only way to preach forgiveness to the world is to journey through the path of forgiveness.  Forgiveness doesn't simply declare, "I forgive you."  For it to be authentic, hatred should turn into mercy and compassion.  Forgiveness entails healing the wounds caused by sin.

Finally, forgiveness is to enter into the very heart of the mystery of heaven: God himself.  To make every family a picture of heaven entails that every moment we live out forgiveness.