Divine Mercy Sunday (2nd Sunday of Easter)

Divine Mercy and Peace

John 20:19-31 

Sunday Sunday of Easter is dedicated to the Divine Mercy and reflections of the Divine Mercy.

Jesus greeted his apostles with "Peace be with you!"  Peace is a mark of Jesus himself.  But peace is simply not the absence of war.  For peace to be attained we have to enter into the very heart of Jesus, a heart so filled with compassion and mercy as a way to attain peace.

Pacem in Terris of St. Pope John Paul II enunciated the four paths to peace.  They are as follows:

1. Peace should be grounded on truth - and the truth being, we all possess the dignity of being human persons and not simply objects; that we are all children of God;
2. Peace is built according to justice - and justice is attained if we consider the common good and not personal goods;
3. Peace is integrated by charity.  This is the very heart of the process of peace - love for neighbor.  Reflect on the first reading when the Christian community is "one heart and one mind".
4.  It is concretely put into practice in freedom - the key is the concrete implementation of peace in effective stewardship, especially those who have the power to implement peace, all for the freedom of being sons and daughters of the Lord.

thus, for peace to flourish, the following conditions should be present: truth, justice, love, freedom.