Easter Sunday, B

Signs of Easter

John 20:1-9

As we contemplate Easter Sunday, the Salubong this morning is complimented with the apostles giving witness to Jesus and until now, the Church gives witness to the risen Jesus.

How do we give witness to Jesus each day?

Witnessing is personal.  The Lord talks to us, transforms us, and molds us.

The bishops and priests of each generation have a story to tell how the faith is passed to them, how they responded to the the call to serve, and how till today, despite the lures of the world, continue to be faithful to their vocation.  Each of us must have a story to tell about the Resurrection.

Second, we discern every symbol, every object, every sign.  We increase our sensitivity to the presence of Jesus, in events, people, and in ourselves.

Third, we respond by being the living signs of Jesus in the world as we inspire others to build a better world.  This this world reflect the resurrected life and not further descend to the realm of death.  Resurrect each family member to the Lord.