11th Sunday in Ordinary Time, B

In search of true life

Mark 4:26-34

We all have concepts of life and abundance; some of it just turned into pure greed or materialism.

How do we detect life as God defines it?

First, it should connect us with God through forgiveness and humility.  The only reason for our existence is to reclaim that divine relationship destroyed by sin.  Life should be new in the sense that only God can make us truly live.

Second, it should be in total compliance with God's plan of salvation for all humankind and not just a chosen few.  All actions in this world should gear towards giving life to all people.

Third, all things should give glory to the Lord of heaven and earth and not our own.

What is true life? A life reconciled to God, a life that gives life to all people, and a life that glorifies God.