12th Sunday in Ordinary Time, B

Calming the storm

Mark 4:35-41

God reprimanded Job by defending His actions, "Who pent up the sea behind closed doors when it leapt tumultuous out of the womb... do not come any farther, here your waves shall break." 

It shows that God is fully in control of things.

Jesus showed the same power when he calmed the waves of the sea.  Let us allow him to calm our tumultuous lives as well.

There are three storms in our lives and how would trust God to calm:

First, the storm that we cause due to our own sinfulness; let God heal it through the forgiveness of Jesus.

Second, the storm caused by others due to social sin.  That sin is embedded in the social level and it takes our unity to heal it.  Let us be united with the Lord and with one another to heal the social ills that haunts us and the next generation.

Third, there is indeed evil that seeks to destroy everything the Lord created.  Our solution for this is a steadfast faith and total obedience to Him as Jesus did for us when he followed His Father's will.

The whole world will be redeemed by the power of the Lord.