13th Sunday in Ordinary Time, B

Instruments of life

Mark 5:21-43

Let it be clear that God's pure intention is to bring life to man.  It is Evil's intention to destroy or kill what God has created.

In the gospel, there are two stories, but both subjects in the story were brought back to life: the sick girl and the woman who was suffering from hemorrhage for more than 12 years.

Let us reflect on the other characters and events that were also present but were instruments of death for us to learn from and eventually, that we may be instruments of life, not of death to others.

First, the crowd.  Ever wonder why of all the people who pressing against Jesus, none of them were cured while the woman who touched the tassel of his cloak was healed instantly?  A person who doesn't have a personal encounter and relationship with Jesus belongs to the crowd totally unknown to him.

Second, a hemorrhage haunted the woman for twelve years.  All the things she was doing accounted for nothing except to come closer to Jesus.  Analyze our daily actions everyday that accounts for nothing except if we resolve to dedicate our whole being to adoring, loving, and serving Jesus.

Third, the crowd at the dead girl's funeral who laughed at Jesus.  Jesus had to cast them aside not only for their lack of faith, but for their aggressive to insult God's power.

God will manifest his glory, but three things are important for us to experience true life: let us not be strangers to God; let our daily actions find their meaning in God, and let us totally obey and adore God.