20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Wisdom and the Bread of life

John 6:51-58

Wisdom teaches:  "Walk this way!"  It is a positive message even for the ignorant to walk through the way of knowledge.

How much do we know about life?  In spite of the many errors of humankind, the next generation always risks committing the same mistakes as the past.  This is because of the hardheadedness of the future to learn from the past.

And now, Jesus teaches us, "I am the bread of life; anyone who eats this bread will live forever."  But the Jews couldn't get the message, "How can this man give his flesh to eat?"  The issue is between ignorance and wisdom.  People who are wise would succumb to Jesus as the key to life.

The first context of "flesh" is Jesus himself, flesh and blood, to teach us the way of life in words and actions.  He himself is the way to the Father.  His path is where we should go.

The second context of "flesh" is the flesh is the state of the worldly as St. John the evangelist defines it.  This implies a state of sinfulness.  But with Jesus, we become new creations; Our flesh becomes becomes Jesus' flesh, not the world's.

The third context of "flesh" is "reality".  "My flesh is real food, and my blood, real drink."  Many claim reality as relative.  But those who are "real" are those coming from God and going towards God.

Walk through the path of wisdom by accepting Jesus, flesh and spirit.