22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, B

The law

Mark 7:1-8,14-15,21-23

Moses and the people of Israel exclaimed, "There are no other laws that could match the law of this great nation."  God himself is the maker of the law.

But what happened during the time of Jesus?  There is so much observance on externalities.  The Pharisees have forgotten the spirit of every law, centering on themselves and not on God himself.

Jesus is not only the word made flesh, he is also the incarnation of the law itself.  He lived it through words and actions.

How do we apply following the law in daily life?

First, following laws are imperative to facilitate social order and development.  When we follow, we are contributing to the common good.

Second, every law is a reflection of the divine law, the law of God.  Even our bodies follow the natural law.  If it is not linked with divine law, the law has no basis and there is no need to follow it.

Third, the law of our lives reach their perfection in God's law of love.  The minimum requirement of love is justice.  But the perfection of justice is found in love.

Let Jesus' love and justice be the guiding stars of our lives as we follow God.