Day 2: Simbang Gabi

Family truly blessed

Matthew 1:1-17

We all have our family lineage.  But what makes Jesus' lineage so special?  Although we can think of a million reasons, the greatest being, that the lineage is being prepared to bring forth the Messiah, God's son, we are praying that our family lineage in God be consecrated as well.  This includes all members of our family in all generations.

As we come from a lineage marred with sinfulness and woundedness, God invites us to cut off that lineage and embrace a new one, a renewed lineage that even the ones before us can be redeemed as well.  This can only be possible if once and for all, we acknowledge Jesus as the root and end of all lineages.

Let us also pray that as a renewed family, we may embrace three qualities of successful lineages.  First, from Abraham to Jessie, we can inculcate the value of TOTAL obedience and entrustment of our lives to God.

Second, from David to Jeconiah, we can learn about the value of being favored, or being favorable in the eyes of the Lord as David was.  This can only be possible if we maintain a life favored by God.

Third, from Jeconiah to Joseph, we can learn about the value of humility at all times; humbling ourselves before God and being totally available to serve him.  Only then can we truly claim that our family is blessed!