Day 3: 18 December


Matthew 1:18-24

For our reflection on the third day, let us aim that as God's Christmas gifts for mankind, that we may be men and women of integrity just as for this year, the Lord would like us to be people of mercy, possessing both integrity and the mercy of God.

That is the first reflection.  How often do we distance ourselves from God's attributes that eventually, we justify even sin and malice?  No, there is a one-to-one correspondence between the Creator and the created.  We are all created in the God's loving image.  And God continues to create us.  Let us be molded to be persons of integrity.

To be a person of integrity means to be an a person of honor and credibility, God-fearing like St. Joseph. This is not built-in in Joseph.  Rather, each day is a day of being formed according to God's image.

Second, to be a person of integrity means to be dedicated to do the mission entrusted by God, no matter what the consequences are.  So, if Jesus' mission was to save, then he did it till the last drop of his blood.

Third, to be a person of integrity means to live out "Emmanuel", God-is-with-us; to mirror God living among his people and the people enjoying the immensity of God's presence.