Day 8, Simbang gabi: 23 December

Being God's messengers

Luke 1:57-66

Christmas is truly getting nearer; Christ is coming!  Are we truly ready to meet him?  As Christmas gifts, what qualities do we possess that please the Lord?

Let us continue to learn from the readings for today.  From the Book of Malachi, God said, "Look, I am going to send my messenger to prepare the way before me."

For course the prophecy may refer to John the Baptist in the gospel; but for a moment, we can also reflect on ourselves and say, "Can I be God's messenger? What would it take for me to be a messenger?"

A messenger is a prophet like St. John the Baptist.  It may be likened to parents who prepare the way of the Lord to their children.  What then would be the qualities of messengers?

There is an intimate relationship between the source of message and the messenger; he should be the exact replica of the Communicator, John mirrors Jesus though they haven't seen each other.  Do we know Jesus most intimately?

Second, he should also possess the heart of the Communicator - "He shall turn the hearts of fathers to their children."  (cf. first reading)  What lies in our hearts for our brothers and sisters - love or apathy?

Third, the messenger speaks the truth about God.  Zechariah was freed from being deaf and mute.  He gives witness to to the glory of God.  Those who don't attest to God's presence remain mute in this world.  They live in the darkness; but people of the Lord live in the light and give witness to the Light.

Let us be God's messengers, attesting to the glory of Jesus to others.