Mary, Mother of God, C

What lies in Mary's heart?

Luke 2:16-21

photo: Immaculate Conception Cathedral Belen 2015

Today as we celebrate the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, we ponder what lies in Mary's heart, like the heart of a Mother who's starting her journey towards taking care of her baby.

What lies in her heart is blessing.  Motherhood is a blessing.  It is treasuring all things in her heart - the witnessing of the shepherds and seeing baby Jesus before her and how she is a witness to all these.

First, what lies in Mary's heart is God greatness!  Even in the baby Jesus, she can see the splendor of God.  He is the source of every good gift.    This is what should lie in our hearts - thanksgiving to God, thanksgiving to life, and thanksgiving to the son / daughter before us.

Second, what lies in Mary's heart is pure mercy.  She is the primary witness of the overwhelming mercy of God that favors everyone and not a chosen few.  His actions of mercy redound to the salvation of humankind.  To be a mother, God's heart and the mother's heart are filled with mercy.  Every child should be reared in pure mercy.

Third, what lies in Mary's heart is pure and eternal joy for carrying out God's plan for humanity.  Eternity and time are connected.  Heaven and earth unite in one act of adoration.  Mary thus is Mother who leads her sons and daughters to their final destination - to be with God in heaven.

Let us pray that we may possess the same heart as Mary's heart - adoration for God, mercy for humankind, and joy in uniting humankind with God.  Then we will face the New Year with joy!